Tailor Brands Aims To Bring Small Business Owners Affordable Access To Professional Design

Tel Aviv and Brooklyn-based Tailor Brands launches publicly on the Disrupt Battlefield today with the goal to democratize design. Founders Yali Saar, Tom Lahat and Nadav Shatz say they can help any small, local business feel like they have an in-house designer with a special algorithm system that helps customers think like a designer.

Companies with deeper pockets are able to add to the billion-dollar branding industry every year. Tailor Brands says good branding is only available to 10 percent of the market and they’d like to make¬†good design accessible to the other 90 percent. The company claims it has the cheapest price around with professional quality design at a tenth of the price.

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It works by using an algorithm that helps a computer think like a designer, according to the company. Tailor Brands also offers brand and trend analysis as well as suggestions for redesign in a matter of minutes.

The basic design package is $50. However, any additions or corrections will require a monthly subscription. While it’s not clear yet what that pricing structure might be, this is where the company will be able to up-sell the product and generate a steady revenue month over month.

The company is currently holding three separate trials with whom it maintains are major companies. These companies, according to Tailor Brands, want to replace their current design with the Tailor Brands system.

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