OhMiBod’s New Biometric Integration Lets You Get Off To Your Partner’s Heartbeat

OhMiBod, the most forward-thinking sex toy company I’ve ever seen, has just introduced brand new functionality to its line of blueMotion Bluetooth-equipped vibrators. Tapping into the biofeedback received from a smart watch, blueMotion products can be powered by the beating of a heart, whether it’s your own or your partners’.

“The idea is that, as you get aroused by the massager, your partner is also getting aroused and their heart rate will start to rise,” said co-founder Suki Dunham. “It’s this wonderful cycle.”

The blueMotion line includes a cock ring, a G-spot massager, and the blueMotion NEX-1, which is a wearable massager that can fit inside a lady’s panties. All of them will now work with smart watches, for both the Android and iOS platform.

This means that users will no longer have to fiddle with their phones, where other distractions are bound to be waiting for them, and keeps folks in the moment. The blueMotion app on the smart watch lets users go straight into biometric mode, using the heartbeat to power the vibrator, or use the same functionality as OhMiBod’s Club Vibe line of products, which employs the beat of the music to power the vibrator.

For a long time, blueMotion products relied on Bluetooth alone to connect, forcing partners to be in the same general vicinity while they get it on. But with the newly added WiFi support in the blueMotion remote app, users can pleasure each other from anywhere in the world.

It’s sexy, and it knows it.

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You can learn more about OhMiBod here.