Apple Leaks The iPad Air 2 And iPad Mini 3

After months of speculation and rumors, Apple just released details about the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3. Unintentionally. A day early. Someone is getting fired over this.

The devices were supposed to be announced at an Apple event tomorrow, but Apple scoops mcgee Mark Gurman noticed the two devices listed in the iPad User Guide for iOS 8 within iBooks. Whoops.

According the iBook, which is available here, the upcoming devices will sport a TouchID sensor and look identical to their current form. Of course pricing and availability wasn’t mentioned in the iBook. Those details will likely be revealed tomorrow.

Apple is also expected to reveal new Mac hardware along with officially releasing OS X Yosemite at tomorrow’s event. Look for a new iMac and maybe a retina MacBook Air. Of course there will be two new iPads too.

Strangely, this leak was discovered just minutes after Google’s big Nexus and Android 5.0 announcement. Coincidence? Maybe. But Apple generally doesn’t do coincidences.