Incubated: How Amplify.LA Helps LA-Based Startups Grow

Amplify.LA was founded to help grow the number of seed-stage startups in Los Angeles, by launching an accelerator and coworking space. Since then, it’s been home to a host of companies that rotate in and out of its offices in the heart of Venice, Calif.

One of the other key differentiators is Amplify’s office, which is two blocks from the beach and is in the center of Venice’s tech scene. It is close to the offices of other companies like Snapchat and Facebook, providing founders easy access to others around them. The Amplify.LA space is also available for co-working and hosts a series of events for local entrepreneurs and tech workers.

The program offers flexible terms and timing for entrepreneurs, enabling them to join and leave when they’re ready, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s 12-week schedule. Having a rigid structure wasn’t in the interests of entrepreneurs who were joining the programs, according to Amplify.LA managing director Paul Bricault.

“We felt entrepreneurs just want to start when they want to start, so we adopted a rolling start program so that startups can join whenever they’re admitted,” Bricault says.

The accelerator has a dedicated team which takes a hands-on approach to helping startups reach monthly milestones and improve their products. It also connects founders with potential partners from its network in the L.A. tech community. Instead of a demo day, Amplify hosts an “investor showcase,” where it hosts startups that have gone through the program, as well as others in L.A. to meet with potential investors on a more intimate, one-on-one basis.

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