MEMI, Because A Purse Is Where Phone Calls Go To Die

A while ago, HTC came up with this silly phone called the Bliss, which had a little charm that hung out of a purse and notified women when they were getting a phone call or alert.

The idea — that purse-carrying females need something besides their phone, packed deeply in their black hole of a purse, to alert them to incoming notifications — wasn’t all that bad. The execution, however, was abysmal.

Which brings me to Memi.

Memi is a stylish bracelet created by Leslie Pearson that is meant to be worn by ladies with purse-bound phones. Through Bluetooth and an accompanying app, users can select certain people to “let through.” That way, when a child or boyfriend or boss calls, the Memi bracelet buzzes to alert the user of an incoming call or text message.

But it doesn’t buzz for every little thing, allowing users to “unplug,” as Pearson puts it. Memi also buzzes for calendar event reminders, and comes with three distinct vibration patterns to let you know if you’re getting a call, text, or reminder.

The Memi can hold a charge for up to five days, depending on use, and charges via a discrete micro USB port. It also packs an LED indicator light to let you know when it’s on, paired, and working.

“Other devices (namely smartwatches) on the market are looking to get people more plugged into their phones,” said Pearson. “They seek to repeat as much phone functionality as they can on the user’s wrist. We are looking to help people actually unplug while staying connected to the people that matter. We want to help women be able to focus more on the moment and reduce the noise and distraction in their lives.”

Memi beat its $100K Kickstarter goal and has gone on to raise $700K from friends and family. The company has received over 500 pre-orders, with shipments planned for the summer. The team is currently in the process of raising a seed round of $1 million.