Fly Or Die: Fitbit Force

Personal fitness trackers and sleep trackers are officially mainstream, but deciding between the various devices out there can be tough.

That said, let me direct your attention to the Fitbit Force, the latest and most full-featured product from the quantified-self makers.

The Fitbit Force, unlike the lower-end Flex, has a nice little display on it that shows steps taken, flights climbed, calories burned, as well as sleep information.

It even shows the time of day.

Even better, the Force pairs with Fitbit’s nutrition app, letting you input food-intake information to track your health over time.

In our experience, there’s nothing on the market that is more accurate or robust.

However, the band isn’t my favorite. It’s caused skin irritation for some users, whom Fitbit refunded. Plus, it’s simply not as well-designed as something like the FuelBand.

But hey, you win some and you lose some.

The Fitbit Force goes for $129 and comes in slate blue and black.