Apple’s New Mac Pro Uses 74% Less Aluminum, 68% Less Power And 84% Lighter Packaging

Apple has today released its environmental report for its new Mac Pro machine, which details some fairly large savings on power and raw materials. The new device also earns a gold rating from the EPEAT, but that isn’t too surprising as Apple has ‘helped’ the organization rethink how it evaluates products.

Despite that retooling, however, the new Mac Pro still puts up some impressive gains in efficiency. For one, it uses 68% less power than the previous generation Mac Pro when at idle. We looked up last year’s model and the idle consumption rates were up around 133.7w on 100v, with the new unit coming in at just 43w.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.18.22 PM

It also uses less materials over all, which isn’t too surprising given that it’s a ton smaller. The new Mac Pro uses 74% less aluminum than the previous version and the packaging consumes 82% less volume and weighs 84% less than the older version. Apple says that this lets 3x more units fit in one airline shipping container.

Our own Darrell Etherington reviewed Apple’s new machine late last month and found it an impressive and powerful beast.

The full report is here (PDF).