Boston Pitch-Off Winner Drop Lets You Leave Surprise Messages All Over Town

Location-based messaging has been tried before, and in a world where messages go in streamsgo global, and go poof, one of these geo-fenced messaging companies will eventually float to the top.

The latest of these location-focused messengers is Drop, an app out of Boston that lets you “drop” a message in a certain location, which friends will find as they enter that geo-fenced area. The company walked away with first prize from our Boston TC Meetup + Pitch-off.

After signing up on the platform, you’ll instantly be shown a map. You can auto-drop to your own location, leaving a message and perhaps a photo for a particular friend or multiple friends, or you can choose a specific location to leave a message at. Imagine leaving a drop for your teenage kid at their high school on the first day of school, or leaving a drop for your best friend at their work when they’re having a rough time. Even better, you could leave drops at special places you share with your sweetheart for them to find as they wander through your town.

The company is in its earliest stage, launching just two days ago in the App Store, but the founders have big ideas for new features. For one they plan to make it easier to associate certain locations with users, like their house or their work, as well as some UI tweaks to make navigation a bit smoother. And the potential to generate revenue is definitely there. The only thing advertisers like more than an engaged user base is location information, which is built right into Drop.

The app is available now in the App Store.