Pijon Sends Care Packages To Your College-Age Kids To Keep Them “Happy And Healthy”

From the team behind SpaceSplitter, Pijon is a subscription service for college care packages. The service touts itself as delivering the perfect packages for students. It’s also an effortless way for parents to stay connected with their kids during the school year.

“About 4 months ago we made the decision to re-envision our future around the mission of keeping college students happy and healthy while enabling families to stay connected,” co-founder and CEO Rob Caucci told me. “We believed there was an opportunity to provide care givers with a direct sales channel that would allow them to send their long-distance dependents the non-perishable grocery products and ‘essentials’ they consume each month,” he continued.

Pijon delivers a package of five or six products every month, including snacks, beauty products and accessories. It will cost parents between $25 and $29 a month depending on the length of their subscriptions.

When asked about competitors such as Co-Ed Supply, Caucci talked about Pijon’s delivery network. “We’ve made it a point to nail down exclusive distribution partnerships with on-campus culinary service providers, off-campus housing companies, and even directly with college administrations,” he said. “It gives us exclusive access to an aggregate network of 80,000+ students,” he continued.

Finally, Pijon gives 5 percent of all profits to Project Night Night, a charity that delivers care packages to homeless children. The New York-based company is already generating revenue and will certainly attract more customers as we get closer to a new school year.

Students will certainly enjoy receiving a package of… stuff every month. But Pijon should really shine among parents. Pay $29 a month and forget about your kid. Easy, no?