Tired Of Chasing Your Roommates For Money? SpaceSplitter Delivers Household Supplies And Splits Costs

Tonight at the New York Tech Meetup, SpaceSplitter presented the latest feature of its web application which makes it easier to get money out of your roommates for their share of the household items.

OurList lets roommates set up subscriptions for household goods and split the cost easily. Users select the frequency and the share that each roommate should pay, and the service handles payments. After adding your roommates using Facebook Connect, you can shop for basic household goods without leaving the site — over 60,000 products are available. Much like many subscription services, you set order frequency.

But the service goes one step further. You can customize how to split each item. For example, if one of the roommates doesn’t eat cereal, you can remove his or her share altogether. It will then calculate the bill and send payment requests to the roommates. Once everyone has paid using a credit card, the order is processed.

SpaceSplitter plans to monetize from affiliate partners such as Soap, Target and others.

In addition to the OurList feature, SpaceSplitter solves every little problem you can encounter when living with roommates. For example, you can schedule chores with OurSplitter. Every week, it will remind you to clean the bathroom for example. And for The Big Bang Theory fans, you can even create a roommate agreement using the service.

SpaceSplitter has been working on the service for nine months now. The company said the next feature will enable roommates to split bills and expenses and keep track of it all within the same place.