Tumblr Updates Its iOS App With More Sharing Features & GIFs That Actually Animate

Tumblr has updated its iOS application for iPhone and iPad with new sharing options and other features – a move which follows yesterday’s launch of Tumblr for Windows Phone. Unfortunately, however, the iOS version didn’t get the fancy new, almost Path-like animations the Android version received earlier this month. So yeah, the Android version is currently the better application. Surprise!

Okay, that’s a subjective call, I’ll admit. But I rather like the now-trendy, little, round buttons in the Tumblr Android version, which pop out when you tap the “compose” option. And no, I don’t care if everyone is doing round now. Besides, only hipsters will whine about Tumblr copying Path at this point anyway.

As for today’s iOS enhancements, the company touts the release as offering you tools that let you “do more than just reblog.” Specifically, you can share to Twitter and Facebook, save items in Instapaper and Pocket, email posts in a templated format, and more.

A couple of new tweaks are included as well, such as a gesture that lets you close photos by flinging them up or down, and the ability to search your Following list, which is now organized and grouped by the first letter of their name. Also ads.

Oh, and the absolutely most important feature update ever? GIFs now animate when you scroll. WHEN YOU SCROLL. It’s almost like the real Internet now.

This feature only works on iPad 2, 3, 4 and iPad mini, iPod Touch 5th gen., and iPhone 4S and 5 – so, nearly everything but your kid’s old hand-me down iPad, and dad’s iPhone 3GS which he thinks still works just fine, thank you very much.

But I don’t think those guys are on Tumblr yet so we’re good.