TechCrunch Is Literally The Last Office In The World To Make A Harlem Shake Video


In an effort to show the rest of the corporate world how “cool” and “spontaneous” their jobs are, hipster office workers around the globe have been making “Harlem Shake” tribute videos this week. Perhaps because we spend the most time online, the startup community is the dryest kindling to make viral video fire: In addition to Facebook, Google, Groupon, Path and Intel, yes Intel, have succumbed to the meme.

Fuck, even Huffington Post/Aol beat us to the chase. And, when the Harlem Shake randomly came on in the background of a three-way TechCrunch “performance review” yesterday, I realized that I was old that, late to the game or not, we had to do one. Voila!

Writer Ryan Lawler¬†reprised his star role the Crunchie Monkey and of course our developers got in on the mandatory fun. If you’re wondering where co-editor Eric Eldon is, he’s in the conference room behind us having a meeting with Aol. And this, in a nutshell, is why his¬†performance review was better than mine.

*drops mic*