Facebook Employees Do The “Harlem Shake”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXC85PNVms4&w=640&h=360]

Multiple Facebook employees just shared this clip of a bunch of Facebookers doing the “Harlem Shake” dance at their HQ. Supposedly some of the Instagram team and COO Sheryl Sandberg participated, but I can’t spot them (oh, but please try your best to). I wonder if Zuck is the Smiley Face lemon balloon guy…?

Of course this made our team jealous. “Just as with ‘Shit Tech Reporters Say,’ ‘Call Me Maybe,’ and ‘Gangnam Style,’ TechCrunch was slow on the draw to produce its own gag-inducing meme-following viral video,” Ryan Lawler sullenly remarked. “Let’s change that next time, people!”

If you don’t know what the Harlem Shake is, you should a) befriend more people with the access and desire to use the Internet and b) read this simple BuzzFeed guide on how to replicate the phenomenon.

Here’s the video that started it all, via “Know Your Meme.”