Unpolitic.me Hides Political Posts On Facebook and Twitter

I know Facebook and Twitter forever changed the political process and promise to usher in a new era of global citizenship, but, sometimes I just need a mind-numbing escape of drunken Vegas photos and cat memes. Now you can relive the old glory days of social media with a new Chrome web app that replaces Twitter and Facebook posts about Obama, Romney, and other serious political stuff with pictures of adorable cats. Roughly 1/5th of social media users admit to blocking politics-happy friends, so this app has a ready-made audience.

Unpolitic.me is a deliciously appropriate partnership between viral news aggregator, Buzzfeed, and the makers of Unbaby.me. Unbaby.me was the original social media filter, which buried those pesky friends who bothered to burst my happy reality distortion field of delayed adolescence by shamefully celebrating procreation. Anti-politics filter, Nopple, came soon after, but only blocked politics on Facebook. Now Unpolitic.me promises to create an even larger serious news buffer by blocking Twitter as well.

If only Buzzfeed could expand their new app to Thanksgiving conversation, we’ll be set.