Moveline’s New Mobile App Makes Moving Even Simpler

TechStars NYC graduate Moveline is having a big day. The company’s mission to alleviate the struggle of moving your home just got that much sweeter, with the introduction of an iPhone app.

Moveline, if you haven’t heard yet, is a service that lets you take a video of your belongings or FaceTime with a Moveline consultant to take a detailed inventory of everything you own. This ensures that your moving rates, whether they come from DIY moving van companies or big-time dolly-wielding moving companies, are accurate the first time you get the quote.

For anyone who’s moved, you know how much of a relief it is to get through all of moving day without hearing “You didn’t tell me the stairs were this steep — that’ll be another $250 an hour.”

Moveline takes inventory of your stuff and not only sends that info to moving companies, but helps you decide which method is best, based on how much stuff you have and how much help you might have from friends, family, etc. They also let you know which items might be particularly expensive to move, like a fancy chandelier or heavy armoire.

The newly launched iPhone app lets you conduct all of this inventory recording from the comfort of your iPhone. You can either set up a FaceTime appointment, try to call in on FaceTime immediately, or shoot a video with room labels.

From there, Moveline will send you your inventory on the desktop dashboard. Founder Kelly Eidson explained that file transfer for mobile video has improved vastly from what it was, making mobile the most comfortable tool for shooting video and sharing it.

The addition of the mobile app is big for Moveline in terms of user acquisition, but perhaps even bigger will be their foray into in-bound NYC moves. Currently, Moveline only covers out-bound long-distance moves from NYC, and in-city moves. But the caravan of dreamers, artists, and future financiers that pack up their bags for the Big Apple each year could mean a huge spike in traffic for this disruptive new moving company.

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