Apple Is Number 1 In U.S. Notebook Sales

Last March at WWDC, Apple announced that it had sold over 365 million iOS devices globally since March 2012. But perhaps more important, Apple has just announced that its number 1 in US notebook sales.

Mountain Lion, the newest version of OS X, has also been installed on 7 million devices.

But Tim Cook also took the time to talk about iOS device sales, announcing that the iPad has seen 17 million units sold between April and June. That brings us to a total of 84 million iPad sales.

That’s “more iPads than any PC manufacturer sold of their entire lineup,” said Tim Cook. The company has gone from a 62 percent market share last year to 68 percent as of today. He also announced that the iPad accounts for 91 percent of all web traffic from tablets. Impressive to say the least.

Apple was way early to the tablet game, so it makes sense that they’re king of the hill when it comes to a computational slate of glass. But it’s somewhat amazing that in a post-PC era, Apple has nabbed the top spot in notebook sales.

Perhaps it’s all owed back to the iPhone and iPad. Having all three devices — the tablet, the phone, and the notebook — working in perfect harmony makes life a whole lot easier. And that’s Apple’s plan in the grand scheme of things.

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