Apple Has Sold 365 Million iOS Devices So Far, 80% Run iOS 5

Apple today announced that it has sold 365 million iOS devices trough March 30. Apple’s Scott Forestall made this announcement during his keynote at Apple’s 23rd developer conference in San Francisco earlier this morning. Forestall also noted that 80% of these devices now run iOS 5, the company’s latest release of iOS. Taking a swipe at Android, he also noted that just 7% of Android devices run Google’s latest release at this point.

Forestall also stressed that 75% of Apple’s customers have receive about 1.5 trillion push notifications so far. Over 10 billion tweets have been sent from iOS and 47% of photos on Twitter today are coming from iOS 5 devices.

He also noted that 75% of Apple’s customers say they are “very satisfied” with their iOS 5 devices.

The last time Apple provided us with sales numbers for its iPhone and iPad line was when the company announced its Q2 2012 earnings at the end of April. At that time, Apple said that it had sold 35.1 million iPhones and 11.8 million iPads in the quarter. Compared to the year-ago-quarter, Apple said in its earnings release, iPhone sales were up 88% and iPad sales were up 151%.

In April, Apple also announced that it had sold 7.7 million iPods in Q2, but as expected, the company did not talk about its iPod lineup today, though some of those 365 million iOS devices are obviously iPods.