180 Out Of 202 Kansas City ‘Fiberhoods’ Reach Their Google Fiber Pre-Registration Goals

Two weeks ago, things didn’t look so great for Google Fiber, but after a last-minute push, 180 out of the 202 ‘fiberhoods’ in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri managed to reach Google’s goals for getting the company’s TV service and gigabit fiber-optic Internet connection installed in their neighborhoods.

To get Google Fiber installed, every neighborhood had to reach a pre-determined goal. Typically, Google required that somewhere between 5% and 25% of all households put down the $10 pre-registration fee to signal their interest in the service. All of the neighborhoods that reached their goals will get Google Fiber installed in their area. The order in which Google will install its fiber-optic lines will be determined by percentage of households that signed up for the service in each neighborhood (though no matter the number of votes, neighborhoods in Kansas City, Kansas will get connected first, as Google originally only planned to install Fiber in Kansas before expanding the program to Missouri).

For households that signed up in this first ‘fiber rally,’ Google will waive the $300 installation fee. Prices for Google Fiber will start at $70 for an Internet-only package and $120 for the package that also includes TV services. Households that don’t want the high-speed service can also opt to pay the $300 installation fee (either as a lump sum or in $25 installments) and will receive free (but slower) Internet service.

About two weeks ago, only half of the ‘fiberhoods’ had reached their goals, but starting yesterday, the last-minute influx of pre-registration started in earnest. By noon yesterday, 142 fiberhoods had reached their goal and the number quickly grew over the course of the last 36 hours.

About a week ago, Google adjusted some of its goals based on a recount of households in a number of fiberhoods. This recount brought 73 neighborhoods closer to reaching their goals.

Overall, only one fiberhood, Sheffield West in Kansas, MO, did not get a single sign-up.

Image credit: Google Fiber