The Nexus 7 Now Enjoys Prime Advertising Real Estate On Google’s Homepage

The iPad might have the bulk of the tablet mind share, but the Nexus 7 has The $199 tablet is now advertised on Google’s homepage with an attention-getting animation. It’s hard to miss the tablet on as it bounces up and eventually rests under a tag line of “The playground is open. The new $199 tablet from Google.

And as one of the top pages on the Internet, this ad spot will likely move quite a few tablets.

The Nexus 7 sold like gangbusters from the first day it was available. The 16GB quickly sold out. And that was with very little advertising as the first commercial came weeks later (shown below). But now the Nexus 7 is enjoying a bit of time in Daddy’s front yard.

Now that Google is advertising the N7 on, their supply must finally be at acceptable levels. The tablet is also slowly launching in new markets; it hit France, Germany and Spain yesterday. It’s probably a safe bet that Google is ramping up for a huge advertising push to fight against the all-but-official Apple iPad mini, said to launch in the coming months.