Google Affirms The Nexus 7’s Main Fault With This Adorable Commercial


The Nexus 7 is a fantastic tablet — for the price. To me and many others its only downside is lack of built-in wireless data connectivity. It can only connect to the Internet’s tubes through WiFi.

Google apparently agrees. I won’t spoil the cute commercial but let’s just say the dad isn’t using a WiFi hotspot to entertain his son.

With WiFi hotspots, phone apps, and USB modems, there are a ton of ways to feed a tablet or computer wireless data while on the go. But none are as seamless or efficient as a built-in solution. Requiring another device adds another potential point of failure.

Still, even though the Nexus 7 is only WiFi-only, it’s still an amazing tablet that’s totally worth its price. But I wouldn’t buy it. I’m spoiled by a Verizon iPad and, before it, a first-gen Xoom. I simply cannot imagine owning a tablet that requires another device to connect it to the Internet. I mean, I really don’t want to bring my phone along on a camping trip, but a tablet is a must-have to keep the kids entertained. What else are they going to do camping? Get dirty and have fun? Pssh. It’s Kingdom Rush time!