Webs.com Adds A Facebook Cover Image Designer To Its DIY Page Creation Tool, Pagemodo

Webs.com, a DIY website creation service that helps non-technical, non-designers build good-looking websites on the fly, is introducing a new product today to complement its other offerings: a tool for creating professional Facebook Cover photos. Given that Webs.com’s target audience consists of those building business websites and Facebook pages, the new addition makes sense, especially now that the Timeline-focused Facebook redesign has placed less emphasis on Facebook Page “Tabs.” But finding a good image to go into that ginormous top spot can still be a challenge – should you use a logo? A shot of your store? Your product? What?

“We’ve noticed that since most businesses don’t have a designer or even access to something like Photoshop, getting a good banner image, which is the first impression to their business on Facebook is actually quite difficult,” says Webs CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada, as to why his company built this product.

It’s really a big need. If you search on Facebook for “cover photo” apps, there are tons, but they’re not high quality, and the legalities surrounding the imagery they offer is questionable in some cases. For the most part, those apps are aimed at consumers with their goofy sayings and cheesy backgrounds. (For what it’s worth, I’ve always sort of hated the Cover Photo idea – I think it gives users too much control over Facebook’s minimalist design to users, and there are just so many tacky photos to choose from.)

So with the new Cover Photo designer, the idea is to offer an alternative source for imagery which includes professionally designed and appropriate themes, a gallery of stock imagery which is safe to use, and the ability to add your own text, rotate and resize the photo, and more. When you’re finished, you just click to publish directly to Facebook. Not bad.

The new tool is a part of Webs.com’s Pagemodo product, which is its page creation and marketing tool for small businesses. This also lets you create a custom tab for your Facebook page and offers additional tools for tracking visitors. As a freemium product, businesses can upgrade to have access to more features and to remove the “Pagemodo” branding.

You can get started with the Facebook Cover Photo designer here: Pagemodo.com/welcome/cover-photos.