Make Facebook Look More Like MySpace With Timeline Cover Photos From FBCovers

Last week, Facebook introduced one of the boldest makeovers to the Facebook profile page since the company’s launch with the new Facebook Timeline. The updated profile provides a deeper look into your past, with navigation that lets you time travel back through the previous months and years spent on Facebook.

The most noticeable and eye-catching change to your Facebook profile, however, is not the Timeline navigation – it’s the large banner-sized photo that’s displayed at the top of the page where, as of today, a series of smaller profile pictures appear. But what if you don’t have a good photo to feature there? That’s where the newly launched Cover photo resource at MyFBCovers comes in.

To be clear, we’re not exactly recommending this site, which is buggy, ad-filled and whose Facebook app requests permission to send you emails. Instead, MyFBCovers offers a somewhat frightening look into the future of Facebook’s design.

Essentially, MyFBCovers is a wallpaper site for Facebook Timeline Cover photos. It’s not entirely remarkable in and of itself, and will likely be just one of many similar sites to appear. But it’s one of the first out of the gate, targeting those of you experimenting with the developer build of the Facebook Timeline. (And we know you are).

The site provides two styles of banners. The first style offers the traditional, wallpaper-esque photos featuring animals, cartoon images, nature scenes, sports, schools, companies, celebs, and dozens of other categories. The other style lets you build banners containing a collage of photos from your own Facebook albums.

The results are a little icky, in my opinion. Where Facebook profiles once looked clean and minimalistic in their design, the new banner photo – especially when it’s a wallpaper-like picture, make your profile page look more like MySpace than like Facebook.

FBCovers even insists on putting its little tag on the photo’s bottom-right corner, so you can tell others exactly how you junked up your profile. And like every other Cover photo change, the news is posted to your Facebook News Feed so your friends can like and comment on the picture.

I get that a lot of people will find FBCovers and similar services handy. I know that not everyone has a professional-looking, quality photo they want to feature big and bold on the top of their Facebook profile page. But I saw what my friends did to their MySpace profiles back in the day, and frankly, a lot of people out there have very bad taste.

How much longer till we’re presented with bikini-clad women, Lady Gaga tributes, crass cartoons, photos of beer, stupid quotes and other such nonsense?

Oh, starting today? Awesome.