Sincerely Ink And Brit Morin’s Weduary Team Up On Wedding Invites Collection

Sincerely, the startup behind photo and card-printing mobile apps PostagramPopBoothSincerely Ink and Dotti, has partnered with Brit Morin’s latest venture,  Weduary, a service for designing social wedding websites. Through the new partnership, Weduary will now offer a special collection of wedding invitations and other wedding-related cards within Sincerely’s flagship app, Sincerely Ink.

For those unfamiliar with these two companies, Sincerely Ink is like a beefed up version of Apple’s Cards app (with a better selection of cards), and Weduary is a newly launched weddings startup that’s taking on top brands like TheKnot and MyWedding by leveraging Facebook to build more social wedding websites.

As anyone who’s had a formal wedding can tell you, managing all the invites and announcements is time-consuming and tedious process. There’s not just the wedding, but also mailings for the “save the date,” the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the rehearsal dinner, and sometimes even more – like fittings, brunches, and other gatherings dedicated to wedding preparations. (Ugh. Also, this is why I went to Vegas.)

It’s nice to see an easier alternative to the traditional process like this, courtesy of the new collection from Brit & Co’s Weduary. I mean, let’s face it, weddings would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t for all the work involved. And as a fairly regular paying customer of Sincerely myself, I can vouch that the service works as advertised. (Although an “express” option would be handy for when, say, you forget your dad’s Father’s Day card, for example. Just sayin’.)

Anyway, through Sincerely Ink, Weduary is now offering users some really adorable stationary, which can also be customized using your own photos, addressed via the in-app address book or the one on your phone, and whose designs are made to match up with the website designs currently offered through And not only is card creation and mailing simplified through “app-ification” of the process, Sincerely has introduced a feature that automates another tedious aspect to the invites issue – address collection. Users will be able to send out a custom link (e.g. to their friends and when the recipients add their address, the sender’s Sincerely Address Book is automatically updated with their contact info.

Cards are $1.99 for U.S. mail and postage, but volume discounts are available. The new invitations are available in Sincerely Ink now – you can grab it from the App Store here.

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