Brit Morin Engages $1.25M From Marissa Mayer, Aileen Lee, Founders Fund And More To Launch Her First App, Weduary

Brit Morin, the Martha Stewart of tech, is today announcing a $1.25 million seed round for her technology and content company Brit. The list of investors is actually pretty sympatico with “the next generation of lifestyle” branding of Brit & Co, with fashion-heavy Index Ventures, tech fashionista Marissa Mayer, KCPB’s Aileen Lee, Tina Sharkey and Seth Goldstein, Kevin Colleran, Annabel Teal, General Catalyst Partners, Founders Fund Angel and DMGT all going in.

In addition to the funding, the company is also launching its first app, Weduary, which lets tech-savvy couples build their own attractive and dynamic wedding websites. The Facebook app, which users can try for free, lets prospective brides and grooms build a custom wedding website in four steps, leveraging the Facebook social graph to make it easy to import photos from Facebook, invite guests, coordinate registry details and other event RSVPs.

In addition to logistic planning, the app allows guests to build personal pages using their Facebook profiles and encourages them to connect with other guests through common interests. The app monetizes by offering premium features, right now custom URLs are $15 and premium themes are at $20.

The concept for the app originally developed after Morin and her husband (Path founder Dave Morin) had friends keep asking to borrow the code used in planning their own ”Pixel Cowboy”-themed wedding this summer. Disappointed with the general aesthetic hideousness of the website creators already available, Morin decided to build her own.

Morin tells me that while,, and all let users create wedding sites, Weduary is at an advantage due to its novel Facebook integration, “We are combining the social power of Facebook groups with beautiful themes, plenty of customization options, and other premium features for brides and guests alike.”

An iPhone version of Weduary is coming soon, and Morin tells me that she wants to add more themes and more robust social features to the app’s existing offerings. And while this is the first Brit app to launch, it won’t be the last, as the tech style maven is also looking into other verticals like Home, Style, Food, and Health for her next trick.