Netgear’s NeoTV Pro HD Media Streamer Can Throw Your Laptop Content To Your TV… Wirelessly

Streaming media players are no joke. In fact, cable has become the joke. Just take a look at this “Shit Silicon Valley Says” video — the first joke is, “are you cancelling cable?”

But at the moment, it’s still difficult to do so. You can’t get everything that you could possibly want through a streaming set-top box. The only place you can get everything you want is on the TV, or (cough cough illegally) on the internet. But what if you could get everything a streaming media player has to offer, like Netflix, HuluPlus, etc., but also wirelessly stream all of the content on your laptop to your big screen TV?

That’s clearly the question Netgear asked itself before building the NeoTV Pro HD streaming media player, which is one of the only media players on the market that can wirelessly stream your laptop display up onto your television screen. Of course, there are some limitations, as you’ll need an Intel-based Wireless Display laptop to play along. Sorry Mac users.

Past that, there are plenty of channels offered through the NeoTV Pro HD, including Netflix, HuluPlus, YouTube, Amazon Video, and Vudu and hundreds more. It also comes with built-in 300Mbps Wifi, an Ethernet port, and supports 1080p HD video resolution.

You’ll be able to download an iOS or Android app that will let you control the media player straight from your smartphone. And if you don’t have a smartphone, a regular remote comes in the box.

The NeoTV Pro HD is available now for $69.99.