Someone Finally Makes “Shit Silicon Valley Says”

After an onslaught of “Shit [blank] Says” videos in my Facebook Newsfeed, I appealed to Twitter yesterday, surprised that the industry that invented YouTube hadn’t weighed in on the phenomenon.

Little did I know that husband and wife team Tom Conrad and Kate Imbach were already on it, coming up with the idea on Monday morning and shooting yesterday, with no script (Imbach just said random techy things and Conrad spliced them together into this in edit).

While I really like “I saw it on Techmeme” and “Who throws a party in Palo Alto?”  (Seriously though, who does that?) avid TechCrunch reader Hillel Fuld volunteered his top 13.

  1. “I don’t think you can call that a platform yet.”
  2. “I already reblogged that. I reblogged it AND RTed it. I RTed it, reblogged it, and checked into it.”
  3. “This app is so elegant.”
  4. “It’s stealth so I can’t say too too much right now.”
  5. “Ashton invested.”
  6. “I don’t really get Tumblr.”
  7. “He had his first exit when he was 9.”
  8. “He made an Instagram for hamburgers.”
  9. “Airbnb for Facebook games.”
  10. “A Netflix for Youtube.”
  11. “I check in on Path, and then I send it to Foursquare. I also send it to Tumblr, and Tumblr auto posts to Twitter and Facebook. Then you can go onTwitter, RT and share it on Facebook”.
  12. “Do they even have an API yet?”
  13. “I saw it on TechCrunch”

“I heard myself explaining my Path / Instagram / Tumblr / Twitter / Facebook / FourSquare cross-posting strategy and decided it was time for someone to take us all down a peg or two,” says 8Tracks Marketing VP Imbach. Interestingly enough, Conrad also works at a music-focused tech startup — as CTO of Pandora.

Sidenote:I’m currently shooting the shit ;) with another tech reporter, making up our own versions in Skype: “It’s viral,”””Our business model *is* data,””We met at Stanford” and “We’re totally hockeysticking right now.” It’s a pretty fun game.

Full list (via reader Dwight Burks) below:

  1. Are you cancelling cable?
  2. I don’t really think you can call it a platform yet…
  3. I already reblogged that. I reblogged it and retweeted it. I retweeted it, reblogged it, and I checked in to it.
  4. This app is so elegant
  5. Are you gonna get the new Kindle?
  6. I saw it on TechCrunch.
  7. I met him at LeWeb. I met him at Burning Man. Wait, no, I met him at Davos. Was it Davos, or LeWeb? I get those two confused. Or maybe it was the Lobby. I don’t know. There was a beach.
  8. It’s stealth, so I can’t say too, too much right now.
  9. Ashton invested.
  10. How is this different from Facebook?
  11. They don’t even have a Foursquare venue for their apartment.
  12. I don’t really ‘get’ Tumblr.
  13. Is the Internet down?
  14. Michelle Obama invested.
  15. Did you see this thing on Quora about product cycles?
  16. I didn’t even finish high school.
  17. He’s like 14. He had is first exit when he was 9.
  18. Think of it like an Instagram for Hamburgers.
  19. He’s a genius.
  20. It’s like Pandora for cats.
  21. Are you gonna get the new iPhone?
  22. I think Bono invested.
  23. I got an MBA from Harvard
  24. The whole Royal Family invested.
  25. It’s like AirBnb for Facebook games.
  26. I saw it on Techmeme.
  27. Who has a party in Palo Alto?
  28. Think of it as a Netflix for YouTube.
  29. How is this different from Rdio?
  30. I have such an amazing team.
  31. Do you have an iPhone charger?
  32. I miss seasons.
  33. I saw it on Laughing Squid.
  34. I check in on Path, and then I send it to Four Square. I also send it to Tumblr and then Tumblr auto-posts to Twitter and Facebook. Then you can go on Twitter or you can re-tweet it and share on Facebook.
  35. Have you seen Helvetica.
  36. Do they even have an API yet?
  37. He dropped out of middle school to start his company.
  38. Can you just call in Uber?