Klout Releases New, Speedier API; Now Serves 1 Billion API Calls Per Day

Klout, the startup that measures influence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare, Google+ and other social apps, has just released a new version of its API and released a number of new stats about its API usage.

Klout evaluates users’ behavior with complex ranking algorithms and semantic analysis of content to measure the influence of individuals on social networks. Klout says it now serves about one billion API calls per day, which is 80 times the amount of data we served this time last year. Klout says that in the last three months, API calls have risen from 10.5 billion to almost 30 billion per month. The company now has 6,000 API (up from 2,000 partners a year ago).

The new API, says Klout, is less Twitter focused and more “Klout-focused.” The startup will now translate identifiers from Twitter to Klout IDs to facilitate speed and to incorporate influence from other networks in the future. Klout’s API is faster, and has a new caching system.

While this change has not been implemented yet, Klout will be migrating to an oAuth2-based authentication system for users. Basically, this means users can give +K to influencers across the Web, off of Klout.com, on partner sites.

Back in February, Klout acquired mobile and local neighborhood app Blockboard, as a way to use the startup’s expertise to further develop its own mobile products. And Klout just released its first mobile presence, an iPhone app. Klout recently raised around $30 million in funding from Kleiner Perkins and others, with partner Chi-Hua Chien joining the startup’s board.