Klout Adds Foursquare, But How Much Will It Boost My Score?

Everyone is curious to see how they rank against others, which is the fundamental appeal of Klout. It gives you a social media ranking based on your influence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and now Foursquare, which Klout today is adding as the fourth social network that can help boost your score. While looking at how many people follow you or retweet you on Twitter might give a sense of how far your voice travels in the social media sphere, Foursquare adds a level of local intelligence.

Presumably, your Foursquare score will be based on how often you check in, how many mayorships you’ve earned, and so on. But if you want to know by how much it will boost your score, you will have to wait up to 72 hours after you connect your Foursquare account to Klout because it doesn’t calculate it immediately. But I wonder, once a large number of Foursquare mayors and other influentials add their accounts and their Klout scores go up, will other people’s go down if they don’t add theirs? Is this the beginning of a social media arms race?

It looks like Klout is also looking at who is leaving tips. In its blog post, it reports the following Foursquare stats based on its own research:

More than 2/3 of active Foursquare users post tips.

These tips have a ready audience with each tip being done, on average, at least once.

80% of active users have “done” tips.

I always read the tips when I check in somewhere. They are one of the best parts of Foursquare. Now, if only you could get Foursquare points for leaving them instead of more Klout.