Lumia 900 Goes Up For Pre-Order In Microsoft Stores

The Lumia 800 is an excellent device, and if you’re new to the world of smartphones, the Lumia 710 is quite excellent as well. But those of us who’ve been excited about the Nokia/Microsoft partnership since the very beginning have been waiting for a flagship — a real showstopper: the Lumia 900.

And while we still don’t have exact word on pricing and availability, it would seem that employees at the Microsoft Store are offering pre-orders of the 900 in both black and white.

Before today, we didn’t even know whether or not a white Lumia 900 would be an option, but after seeing a pearly white 800 and hearing these reports it appears that white is on the table.

$25 secures your spot on the list for Nokia’s LTE-capable flagship, though how much more you’ll have to pay for the phone is unclear. We’ve heard rumors that the Lumia 900 would be at an aggressive $100 price point, but Slashgear reports that Microsoft Store employees are debating pricing between the $150 and $200 region.

We expect to see the Lumia 900 in March.