Scrollsy Is A Scrollable, Pinterest-Like Version Of Etsy

Remember Jonathan Bouman, the young, Netherlands-based developer who brought us the awesome creation that is Scrolldit, a scrollable version of Reddit? Well, he’s back. And this time, he’s made a scrollable version of Etsy. It’s called Scrollsy, and, if you’re an Etsy lover, I guarantee that you’re about to waste a whole bunch of time on this site.

Like Scrolldit before it (and Bouman’s under-the radar creation, the Facebook scroller ScrollFriends), the new site offers a simple and visually attractive way to browse though the content from a more traditionally laid-out website. It’s how Etsy would look if Etsy was Pinterest. And it works great on the iPad.

On Scrollsy, you can browse by category, search by keyword and there are even filters for colors and price range. Zoom in/out buttons let you make the photos smaller and more condensed, or larger. And you can just keeping scrolling down, scrolling down and scrolling down for more stuff.

Bouman says that his earlier efforts at Scrolldit were a “huge success,” which he likes to measure by time wasted. 377,913 unique visits at an average of 1.20 minutes per visit equates to 453,496.6 minutes wasted. “An impact of 314.93 wasted days on our world economy,” Bouman happily proclaims.

“However, with all those minutes wasted, I felt the need to do something productive,” he says, “Scrollsy is a good try – supporting all those small shopkeepers, trying to give them more exposure.”

So there you have it. Scrollsy. Enjoy your weekend.