Scrolldit: I Heard You Liked Scrolling Reddit So I Put Scrolling In Your Reddit

Created by a young man named Jonathan Bouman, Scrolldit is a thing that scrolls Reddit for you, thereby allowing you to avoid the hard, hard job of scrolling Reddit. Why, you ask, is this news? Because we like Reddit and it’s really cool.

The site essentially takes Reddit feeds (including NSFW ones, hurr hurr hurr) and places them in little boxes that march across the screen. Because most people don’t read too good, there are lots of pictures and the occasional video, available for easy and quick consumption. Most of the rendering happens in the browser and it even feeds in Reddit’s own ads.

We’re obviously talking about a mash-up here, but it’s rejiggerings like this that improve interfaces. While I doubt I’d ever use this on a daily basis – the current Reddit interface is good enough with the Reddit Enhancement Suite installed – in an era of popular mash-up apps like Pulse and Flipboard, the desktop hasn’t gotten much in the way of alternative interfaces.

The app uses jQuery Masonry and Amazon cloudfront and fetches using the JSON API. It’s unfunded because why would it be?