Netflix Makes Up For All Its Past Mistakes By Resurrecting Arrested Development

Remember when Netflix piled blunder upon blunder and lost something like a million subscribers? And the bottom dropped out? And the CEO was forced to admit he’d made a huge mistake?

Yeah, none of that matters now. Because they’re bringing back Arrested Development. Glad to see they’re taking our advice.

We had heard that the show would be coming back in film form, and that there would possibly be a pre-film limited series, but this confirmation means a lot. And coming from Netflix, it’s like flowers and a box of chocolates from someone who you put in the doghouse. Will we take them back? Well damn it, we’re going to have to!

Production will be starting soon, and episodes will begin showing in 2013. We haven’t heard much about Netflix’s other big-ticket exclusive series, House of Cards, but it could be that Netflix is planning a content blitz with full seasons of both these shows and whatever else they’ve secretly licensed.

The show will be produced by Fox and presumably the original cast and writers will be reunited. More information at Netflix’s press release.