PSA: Netflix Price Hike Rolls Out Today

Netflix adjusted its pricing back in July. The new two-plan system started immediately for new subscribers with current subs having until today, September 1st, to opt out of the higher-priced plans before they’re charged 60% more.

The good news, in case you forgot like, is that as Hacking Netflix points out, it really doesn’t hit current customers until their first billing date after September 1st. This of course means more procrastination!

It only takes a few seconds to determine your billing date. Jump over to Netflix, sign in and click the link in the top right corner labeled Your Account & Help. The top most section should have your billing date listed. In case you’re still raging from the price increase, this screen will allow you to give Netflix the finger and cancel your account entirely or drop down to a lower-priced option.

Netflix claimed that the 60% price increase was required to keep the DVD rental side of the business profitable. The company also internally separated streaming and DVD into their own divisions for better management and growth. Hopefully this change, along with the increase in price, will allow Netflix to grow and expand the streaming library. I’m getting rather tired of watching the same Power Rangers episodes over and over again.