IBM Debuts Mobile Security Service For Smartphone And Tablet Use In The Enterprise

As the usage of smartphones increases in business operations, IBM is debuting a new service to help businesses secure mobile devices with access to corporate data. Called the Hosted Mobile Device Security Management service, the new product includes a security application for smartphones and tablets, along with managed services including policy management and user compliance monitoring.

IBM says the Device Security Management hosted service helps organizations protect against and monitor data loss and other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate apps.

The service allows businesses to configure and monitor employee smartphones and tablets to comply with security policies, secure data in the event that a device is lost or stolen, help to find a lost or stolen device, protect against spyware and viruses, detect and remove malicious and unapproved applications, track user activity, and maintain secure web connections.

IBM says it is working with Juniper Networks to provide the protection and device management technology for the service, which will be available for Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

As more and more businesses adopt smartphones and tablets for employee use, the need to secure these mobile devices both when it comes to business data and everyday security issues like malware. The product sounds very similar to the Lookout’s Mobile Security App, Zenprise and Enterproid. Of course, it’s a little surprising that IBM didn’t just acquire one of these companies considering its acquisitive nature.