Zenprise Launches New Product To Lock Down iPhones And iPads In Enterprise

Mobile device management company Zenprise is today introducing its new enterprise-grade mobile DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) that aims to help I.T. departments with the growing “bring your own device” to work trend. The Zenprise Enterprise Mobile DLP will be offered as an optional add-on to the company’s larger solution, the Zenprise Mobile Enterprise Security Framework, when it launches later this fall.

At first, the new product will specifically target iOS devices, including the Apple iPad, but an Android version is in the works.

The problem with I.T.’s lack of control over end user devices is that they’re starting to create a blind spot for companies with sensitive data. Executives are emailing themselves documents and viewing them on their iPads. Other times, they’re accessing them via an online storage service, instead of using traditional, albeit less glamorous, solutions like laptops that access the company’s SharePoint servers.

This is where companies like Zenprise, and its competitors, like Good, Sybase, AirWatch and MobileIron, for example, come in. They help put I.T. back in control of these rogue devices.

With Zenprise’s new Mobile DLP, content can be secured at the data layer, and not by isolating individual applications, as some competing products do, explains Zenprise.

The Mobile DLP client application also integrates with back-end services like SharePoint and Office 365, so users can sync the documents and files they want to their iPhone or iPad without compromising security. I.T. admins can apply policies that then restrict the files from being copied, forwarded to email, or the text pasted into other applications. They can monitor files for unauthorized access and place compliance-related restrictions on the files (like timeouts), too.

The new Enterprise Mobile DLP will launch in October for iPhone and iPad and an Android version will be released before year-end. More information will be available on Zenprise.com.