Facing Down Facebook’s Timeline, Memolane Adds Social Features And An Investment From Digital Garage

In this time of timelines, it is easy to forget that Facebook didn’t come up with the concept of a social timeline recording your life. But what do you do now if you are a startup like Memolane built around timelines that bring in people’s Tweets, Instagram photos, Last.fm songs, and many other social media from around the Web? Well, you get more social.

Memolane pushed out a significant update to its service today which adds a follow model. “When we created Memolane, people said it t was great, but it was like a museum,” says founder Eric Lagier. “Instead of a museum, we want it to be an amusement park.”

Now instead of just seeing your solitary lane, you can also add friends, see their lanes, and even contribute to them. You can make multiple lanes based on themes, hashtags, or events (With beginning and end dates). The website is also now optimized for touchscreen tablets (both iPad and Android)

The company added a new investor, Japan’s Digital Garage, which joins existing investors August Capital and Atomico (who put in $2 million last year). The investment was relatively small and considered an extension of last year’s A round. Japan is Memolane’s second-largest market after the U.S., with 17 percent of its users.