Memolane Raises $2 Million To Become Your "Digital Memory"

Memolane, a San Francisco-based startup that is currently keeping a low profile, has raised a $2 million funding round led by August Capital and Atomico, the venture firm run by Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.

Memolane was initially created during a Startup Weekend event in Copenhagen last April, where it won a 10,000 DKK prize (around $1725), prompting founder Eric Lagier to quit his job and work on the project fulltime. Details on the company are still pretty vague —here’s the description that’s currently on Memolane’s homepage:

Memolane is your digital memory – your tool to rediscover your social life on the Internet. Memolane is a digital platform collecting and connecting your thoughts, pictures, messages and music yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In other words, it sounds like this is going to aggregate your social media content into a single place and then somehow find relationships between that content. This sounds different from Evernote, a service that lets you “remember everything” by saving it online. We expect to have more information on the company in the next few weeks.

One interesting note about this — Howard Hartenbaum is leading the deal for August Capital, and he was the first investor in Skype, so this is a reunion of sorts between him and Skype’s founders, who are also investing.