Crazy Nokia Kinetic Concept Does The Twist

What. The. Bleep.

Not to say that Nokia’s new smartphones aren’t interesting, but this crazy flexible smartphone-like device CNET spotted over at Nokia World has to be the coolest thing to grace the showroom floors. Unfortunately, CNET reports that its strictly in the prototype phase, and may never become an actual product that’s for sale.

Either way, the Nokia Kinetic device feels like a step into the future, with a real OLED display and all the innards of your standard computing device — but this thing bends! The device scrolls through media collections (whether that be photos or music) when twisted in opposite directions by both hands. Bending the display inward or outward controls zoom for photos, as well as the pause and play functions while listening to music. You can also tap the corners to pan through photos.

While we won’t be seeing this flexible interface on consumer products anytime soon, Nokia may have some interesting implementations in the pipeline. I, for one, will surely have my eyes peeled. CNET has a video of the UI in action here.