Sprint To Cap Unlimited Hotspot Data On October 2?

Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be headed to Sprint in the coming weeks. In the lead-up to that, Sprint’s implemented some big cut-backs/price hikes, including a jacked up early termination fee and the discontinuation of Sprint Premier.

But one thing has remained the same, and according to Sprint, it will remain the same through the launch of the iPhone: unlimited data. That is, of course, unless that data is coming through a mobile hotspot data plan, in which case unlimited is no longer an option.

According to a leak out of Sprint Feed, good ol’ yellow will be adding a 5GB cap to their mobile hotspot plans on October 2, with overage charges at five cents/MB. The good news is that this cap only affects the $30/month mobile hotspot data plan, so your regular unlimited data is safe to enjoy. But you should make the most of it while you can — there’s no telling how long Sprint can keep up unlimited data on the iPhone.

Verizon, with one of the most robust networks in the nation, couldn’t keep their word regarding unlimited data when the iPhone hit their network. Sprint is much smaller, and while unlimited data is basically the carrot they’re dangling to lure folks away from the big guns, it’ll be much more difficult to sustain.

Check the image below for a peek at that leaked document.