Rumor: Sprint Blacks Out Vacation Days In October To Prep For iPhone 5

Oh, what’s this? Sprint is reportedly blacking out vacation days between September 30th and October 15th? For a “major phone launch”?

Major phone launch. Early October (right when the iPhone 5 is likely to be launched.)

Yeah, the rumor mill just caught on fire.

Word of the blackout comes from Sprint Feed, who received the memo above from a source they’re confident enough in to refer to as a “beloved Super Spy”.

Last time Sprint did this, it was for the launch of the Pre. That launch obviously wasn’t as big as they’d hoped, but it goes to show that it’s not something they do all that often.

Of course, a memo like the one above isn’t exactly hard to fake — but for what it’s worth, the fonts, icons, and layout all look strikingly similar to the stuff I’ve seen on Sprint retail machines. If it is fake, it’s at least faked by someone who has spent some time working at a Sprint store.

As for the possibility of it being a different major phone launch in early October: maybe if Sprint doesn’t want that phone to, you know, sell. Otherwise, the pieces of the puzzle just fit together way, way too well.