Apple’s iPhone 5 Makeover Won’t Carry Over To The Next-Gen iPod Touch

In the past few months, have you felt like something’s missing? Apple’s new Fall release strategy has made it seem like someone just knocked Christmas right off the calendar, and so of course we’re all thinking: “You’ve made me wait, Apple — this better blow my mind.”

Well, have hope for the iPhone 5 because apparently the next-gen iPod touch isn’t much to get excited about. According to sources from MacRumors as well as separately leaked info from a Concord Securities analyst, many of the hardware changes we’ll be seeing on the long-anticipated iPhone 5 won’t be showing up on the next iPod touch.

We’ve been expecting (based of course on rumors, speculation, and minor leaks) that the iPhone 5 may perhaps be a bit wider, with a larger edge-to-edge display, a thinner body, and an 8-megapixel shooter. The sources claim that none of this will carry over to the iPod touch, but instead the next-gen device will come out in a white model as well as black. The sources also said that an oleophobic coating would be added to the display to keep it smudge-free, along with an enhanced ambient light sensor.

The sources expect the next-gen PMP to be announced alongside the iPhone 5, which we expect to go down on October 4. Past that, the next iPod touch should be pretty similar to its predecessor, which begs the question: What’s going to happen to the iPod touch line?

Standard Apple procedure has always been to launch their latest and greatest iPhone in the Summer, with the next-gen iPod touch following along in the Fall. With rumors that this generation might not get the full makeover, and the dual-launch strategy being imminent, it’s possible that Apple is slowing things down with the iPod touch. Though sales aren’t bad per se, the iPod touch isn’t flying off shelves like it used to.