Report: Next Apple Media Event Is October 4th, To Star Tim Cook And The iPhone 5

After months of leaks and speculation, it seems as if Apple is finally ready to unveil its next iPhone. AllThingsD pegs the announcement date as October 4th, which falls in line with most of the previous rumors concerning the next iPhone’s fall rollout.

With Steve Jobs gone, his hand-groomed successor Tim Cook is expected to take over the dog and pony show. Apple’s future likely hinges more on his on-stage presence than just a piece of hardware.

Steve Jobs is a masterful salesman. He previously used his keynote addresses to show the world why they wanted his latest toy. He would pull the product out of his pocket, pull back a black sheet or simply stand in front of a massive screen and, even for just a few moments, make the most mundane feel life-changing. That was the power of Steve Jobs: his passion alone drove sales. Surely if Steve likes it, then we will, countless Apple loyalists said after each Applenote.

But Tim’s in charge now. He’s at the helm of Apple’s massive machine and to delegate the role of chief Apple spokesperson to anyone else would undercut his own role completely. During Steve Jobs’ medical leave, Phil Schiller took over the keynotes for Macworld and WDC, but per AllThingsD’s source, Tim is going to take the stage and announce the next iPhone. It is, after all, his company now and he has massive New Balances to fill.

Tim should have some help, though. Steve Jobs rarely did keynotes alone. Expect department heads and marketing people to play wingman and help Tim Cook along.

October 4th. That’s (reportedly) the day that Apple will move into the Tim Cook era with a little help from the iPhone 5.