CrowdStar And Others Bet On HTML5 Mobile Gaming Platform Spaceport

Multi-device social gaming platform Sibblingz is announcing that a number of Facebook game developers have selected their platform to go mobile. BitRhymes, IKIGames, LuckyLabs, Fortune Planet, DeezGames and CrowdStar are now using Spaceport to build their games for user across iOS, Android and other platforms.

Sibblingz allows developers to simultaneously create games on Facebook as well as iOS and Android devices, allowing players to continue the same social game as they switch between devices. The platform also offers the developers the ability to monetize free-to-play games with virtual goods.

The company’s cloud-based game creation platform, Spaceport, allows game developers to build a game once, using Javascript, and have it play across all smartphone operating systems, with a native app-like experience and fast performance. The web-based games run as a hybrid HTML5 – native app, and the code for the game is written once, in a simple scripting language, so that they can then run on any device. And developer can also create native iOS apps as well using Spaceport.

The developers are basically turning their Facebook games into HTML5-based mobile web games as well as native games for the iOS App Store and Android.

As my colleague MG Siegler reported earlier this summer, Facebook has a secret plan, called Project Spartan, to bring applications to the mobile web via HTML5. We know this is being launched soon and Sibblingz says that Spaceport allows developers to create HTML5 games that are compatible with Project Spartan through an HTML5 canvas-rendering engine available for iOS and Android.

Sibblingz founder Ben Savage has told us that the startup is working with multiple Facebook game developers who are preparing for Project Spartan. It’s a huge, Zynga-sized opportunity and clearly many developers are throwing their hats in the ring.