Sibblingz Launches Multi-Platform Social Game Engine To The Masses

Today, Sibblingz is launching its social game engine built for the multi-device world to the public.

Sibblingz, which has been in private beta since December, allows developers create games on Facebook’s PC site as well as Apple’s iDevices and Google Android devices, allowing players to continue the same social game as they switch between devices. Sibblingz will also soon provide the ability to monetize free-to-play games with virtual goods.

Developers already using Sibblingz include social games company, CrowdStar, and game development studio, SiXiTS. CrowdStar’s Happy Island, which has 12 million monthly average users, was built off of the Sibblingz platform

Sibblingz maintains that because it allows for the creation of multi-platform device, its engine saves developers money and time spend on creating games for each device.

Sibblingz has received seed funding from YouWeb, which has also invested in Aurora Feint and Crowdstar.