Windows Phone VP Debunks Mango’s Sept. 1 Release, We’re Still Not Convinced

If you’re keeping up with Windows Phone Mango (which you totally should be because it looks pretty awesome), you’ll remember that we reported on a possible September 1 release for the update. Trusted, yet unnamed, Pocket-Lint sources had confirmed the rumor. Well, here’s the thing. We were totally right. We’re just not sure which part we were right about yet — that its a rumor, or that we’ll see Mango on September 1.

Microsoft VP of Windows Phone Joe Belfiore sent out a tweet debunking the September 1 claims. “#mango Sept 1? Just a rumor,” he tweeted. We want to believe you, Joe. Really we do. But Pocket-Lint tends to be pretty solid with their rumors and the timing couldn’t be more perfect, with IFA the next day. IFA is the largest gadget show in Europe, and Windows Phone also happens to be incredibly popular in Europe. Connecting the dots?

Companies often walk an awkward line between teasing out secrets and keeping them closely guarded. They want us to know that something totally amazing is going to go down, but they don’t want us to know the where, when, or what of the situation. In this case, it would be pretty shocking if Microsoft didn’t use IFA to show off its latest and greatest OS. But it’s pretty understandable that Belfiore wants to get the cat back in the bag, at least for now.