Rumor: Windows Phone 7 Mango To Launch On September 1st?

If recent reports hold true, Microsoft may be preparing to release their long-awaited Windows Phone Mango update sooner than expected. Based on information from “trusted sources,” Pocket-lint reports that Mango’s official rollout will begin on September 1, ahead of the generic “Fall” launch window Microsoft had previously announced.

Aside from providing the date, Pocket-lint’s sources were unable to confirm much else. Although Microsoft has stated that all current WP7 devices will receive the Mango update, the particulars of the release schedule are still up in the air. It’s entirely possible that users of some devices will get immediate access, while others may be relegated to the wait-list.

Still, even just the date seems to speak volumes. Microsoft’s timing here is no coincidence: Europe’s largest consumer electronics show will begin the very next day. The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (or IFA for short) will be playing host to tons of new gadgets, and new Mango-powered devices may well be among them. The software update was finalized back in July, and given Windows Phone’s European popularity, it wouldn’t be a shock for new Mango devices to come out of the woodwork at IFA. With manufacturers like HTC and LG having committed to making new Mango handsets, there may be a few surprises on the show floor yet.