Early 3DS Price Drop At Wal-Mart Could Enable Savings Plus “Ambassador” Perks

Nintendo recently had an epiphany, owning up to the 3DS’s slow launch by slashing pricesand paychecks. To make up for shafting early adopters, Nintendo has also said that anyone who has bought a 3DS before the price drop hits (on August 12th) will be eligible to receive 20 free virtual console games. But what if I told you that you could get a 3DS for the new price and get 20 free games?

You’d probably tell me it’s too good to be true. And it might be. But a “trusted source” has told Cheap Ass Gamer that Wal-Mart will be making the price drop effective a bit early — on the 9th. If you were to buy it there and then log into the 3DS eShop before the 12th — you’ve got the best of both worlds.

There’s no way to be sure it’s for real until Wal-Mart makes an announcement or the 9th comes around, but if you’re thinking of picking up the console with the new price, consider dropping by a Wal-Mart or calling in on the 9th to check. We’ll be sure to follow up this coming Tuesday. Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t find out about this.