Nintendo 3DS To Drop To $170 On August 12, Current Owners Get 20 Free Games

The Nintendo 3DS is dropping $80 – from $249 to $169 – on August 12 in preparation for the launch of the console’s E3 A-List titles including Kid Icarus. This cut is also, presumably, in reaction to slow initial sales of the 3D console.

Current owners of the console will receive ten free NES games along with ten free Game Boy Advance titles on September 1st (provided they’ve logged into the Nintendo eShop before August 12.

As Engadget points out, Nintendo downgraded its expected net profit from ¥110 billion to ¥20 billion – a massive cut – and this move will potentially allow them to sell the estimated 16 million 3DS consoles they’re expecting to push out the door in 2011.

Will they pull it off and will early adopters be pissed that they gave up $80 for the opportunity to snag the original Punch-Out!! for free? I’d wager, at this rate, no and yes.