Keen On… How Mobile Will Make Us Smarter, More Efficient & Healthier (TCTV)

Who doesn’t want to be more efficient, smarter and healthier? According to Kleiner partner Chi-Hua Chien, the mobile revolution can, potentially, do all three – developing applications and services on our smartphones that make us more efficient, smarter and healther. And that’s why Kleiner, Chien admitted to me when I interviewed him at our Mobile First CrunchUp event last week, is crying out to invest in mobile start-ups that focus on healthcare, education and personal efficiency.

But as we enter a Web 3.0 world characterized by an explosion of personal data, won’t all our security be compromised by these new mobile businesses? Not according to Chien, who, using examples of Kleiner investments like and Klout, argues that what he calls the “core tenets” of this world are “privacy” and “control”.

This is the second part of my two-part interview with Chien. Yesterday, he told me why we aren’t in a bubble.

How Mobile Will Make Us More Efficient, Smarter & Healthier

Why Consumers Must Have Privacy & Control Over Their Data