Keen On… We Are Not In A Bubble (TCTV)

No, we are not in a bubble. Not, at least, according to the Kleiner-Perkins partner, Chi-Hua Chien, who spoke at our Mobile First CrunchUp event in Palo Alto last Friday. Indeed, as Chien told me after his CrunchUp panel, he views today’s two great investment sectors – in mobile and in social – as unique opportunities to reinvent all Internet businesses.

According to Chien, everything is going mobile and everything is going social. Which is why, of course, Kleiner has set up two funds – its iFund and its sFund especially for mobile and social. And it’s why, as Chien explained to me, that Kleiner wants to invest in what he calls those “super verticals” that enable “amazing” mobile and social experiences.

This is a two-part interview with Chien. Tomorrow, he talks in more details about three additional areas – healthcare, education and intelligent personal assistants – in which Kleiner is actively seeking to invest.

What is mobile

We Are Not In A Bubble